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Advanced automation

We are your trusted partner for specialised machines for the assembly of permanent magnet rotors. We offer customised and advanced solutions for the automation of the production process, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and precision.

The right solution designed around your requirements

We create customised machinery, responding precisely to customers’ production needs. Effectiveness and efficiency come together in innovative design, ensuring optimal results in every industrial environment.

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Prototyping and small batch rotors

Fox-mecc offers a magnet application service on small batches of rotors, providing its know-how in the field.

Technical office

It deals with product design, creating technical drawings, managing technical documentation, assessing feasibility and collaborating with other departments to ensure efficiency and consistency in business operations.

Machine shop

deals with high-precision machining of components and machine parts

equipped with specialised equipment and machinery, operated by highly qualified personnel experienced in the art of precision machining. plays a key role in the production of high-quality components requiring dimensional accuracy.


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