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Rotor banding machine

On rotors of various sizes for brushless motors

The ‘banding’ on electric motors is a process of wrapping or banding the outside of the motor rotor to increase safety and prevent the magnets from detaching. This ‘banding’ can be made of different types of material, e.g. fibreglass or carbon fibre. This process is crucial in ensuring the integrity and stability of the permanent magnets on the rotor surface, especially in high-speed applications.

FoxMecc offers a customisable rotor support and rotation system based on experience gained in the industry. This flexibility allows the machine to be adapted to each customer’s specific requirements. Rotor banding represents a high-performance and flexible solution, with limited cost, for the containment of magnets.

What are the advantages of our banding machine?

Our machine offers a complete, automated banding process. Operators position the rotors on the machine, followed by the insertion of the banding start. The rotor is carefully banded with a pre-adhesive fibreglass band, with the possibility of performing a final banding manually or automatically.

Constant pitch rotor wrapping

We ensure correct application of the band in an even manner.

Constant band tensioning

The glass fibre is stretched evenly, contributing to the stability of the rotor.

Dimensional flexibility

The possibility of using different sized bands allows adaptation to various production requirements.

Versatility on different rotor sizes

The machine is designed to handle rotors of various sizes, ensuring adaptability.

Environmental aspect

Our concern for the environment is reflected in our design to minimise noise pollution. Our efforts result in a measured sound pressure level of 70 dBA at operator stations, creating a comfortable working environment.


Technical specifications

Footprint 2000 x 750 x 1660 mm
Mass 250 Kg
Installation Floor-standing


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