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Enhance Your Production: Cutting-Edge Industrial Automation & Manufacturing Machinery

  • Machines and equipment for machining and assembling electric motors
  • Rotor banding machines
  • Electric motor brake run-in machines
  • Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic presses
  • Specialists for electric motor manufacturers.

Why choose Fox Mecc?

For more than 30 years we have been supporting international manufacturers of electric motors.
We offer reliable machines with high performance thanks to continuous research and development.

Our automatic systems use modularised components that comply with the construction specifications of major European companies, guaranteeing a safe choice over time.


Machining and assembly of brushless motors

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Our company specializes in the design and automation of electric motor manufacturing processes, offering customized solutions and comprehensive support to guide our customers along the path of defining the ideal manufacturing process.

Our strengths

Technological avant-garde

Research and development of new components and technologies has increased performance and reliability, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Continuous After-Sales Support

The documentation provided is always well maintained and complete with all manuals, including those for the components we use.

Team of experts

Since 1990, we have been developing innovative and customised solutions for our customers and partners; our team is extremely experienced and knowledgeable from pre to post-sales.

Foxxmecc latest news

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