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Tilting and manipulating machinery

The handling of components

The handling of motors and their components is a step that every production process must take into account. If done manually, it results in repetitive and wearing operations for the operator. While in other cases manual handling is impossible due to a number of factors. Fox-Mecc designs and manufactures manipulators and tipping machines according to customer requirements, which improve the ergonomics of work.


The tilter can be floor-mounted or integrated on a production line to improve workplace ergonomics as it facilitates the operator’s movements.
Customisations can be made on the basis of specific customer requirements.

  • Tipping the load from horizontal to vertical position and vice versa.
  • Tilting of the lifting platform for easier and more ergonomic loading and loading operations .
  • Adaptable to any type of load. In fact, they are fully customisable in capacity and size to allow handling of any type.


Electric motor manipulators are mechanical devices designed to precisely lift, position and manipulate electric motors or their components during production, assembly or maintenance. These tools are equipped with gripping devices that allow operators to easily manoeuvre motors, improving process efficiency and ensuring safe and accurate execution of required operations. Electric motor manipulators are often used in industrial settings where handling motors of different sizes and weights is an essential part of daily operations.


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