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Adhesive dispensing machines

What do we offer?

Specialised machines for accurately dispensing specific quantities of adhesive or glue during production or assembly processes. The machines are equipped with highly precise dosing systems that enable the accurate dispensing of specific quantities of adhesive. This is especially critical in applications where the amount of adhesive directly affects product performance. Advanced control systems manage adhesive flow and pressure during dosing to ensure uniformity of application and prevent wastage.

Adhesive application machine on rotors

Glue applicator on plastic or metal end-ring:

Machine operation

The operator manually positions the rotor on the support supports. Spreading is fully automatic with control over the rotation of the rotor and the horizontal movement of the glue applicator.


  • Very fast processing cycles
  • The coating speed and the amount of glue applied are highly customisable.
  • Quick and easy manual rotor positioning.
  • Control of the two machining axes.
  • Very short set-up times for any rotor.
  • Compliant with EEC regulations.
  • High-precision, configurable, automated, single-component, robotised, two-component, high-pressure.

Sealant application machine

Application of sealant on flange and engine cover.


  • Rapid processing cycle.
  • The dosing speed and amount of sealant applied are highly customisable.
  • Innovative cap and flange gripping system to eliminate continuous adjustment.
  • Compliant with EEC regulations.

Adhesive application machine on end-ring

Glue applicator on plastic or metal end-ring


  • Easy and fast interchangeability of positioning slots for different types of slats
  • Compliant with EEC regulations.

Adhesive application machine on rotor and end-ring

A machine designed to apply adhesive simultaneously to the rotor and the end-ring.


  • Machinery consisting of a conveyor belt for rotors and a conveyor belt for end-ring.
  • Manual loading of rotors and slats on conveyor belt.
  • Automatic tip-to-toe rotor take-up, automatic tip and tailstock height adjustment according to the programme entered.
  • A 3-axis glue dispenser for end-ring.
  • A 2-axis glue dispenser for rotors.
  • Glue dispensers fed by tank with pump.
  • Program selection from terminal based on rotor and end-ring being processed.
  • Air-conditioned box with safety guards
  • Telecare 4.0

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