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Engine brake running-in and pre-grinding machines

Electric motor brake run-in

The run-in in the brakes in electric motors is an indispensable practice to ensure motor safety; run-in optimises the braking surfaces and ensures correct alignment of the components.

What do we offer?

Dedicated brake run-in machines are designed with precision and safety in mind. Integrated with advanced control systems, these machines allow a gradual and controlled use of the brakes, allowing the surfaces to adapt without being damaged. Fox-Mecc offers two solutions for brake burnishing: A single brake burnishing machine (which we call a pre-runner), and a motor-mounted brake burnishing machine.

Pre run-in machine

Machine suitable for brake manufacturers. After the brake is assembled, it needs a series of consecutive brake cycles to get the brake surfaces aligned. The machine enables the correct alignment of components quickly, and allows several brakes to be run in simultaneously. This saves on break-in time. The machine consists of a lower, movable part, which holds the brake, keeping it locked during the cycle. A fixed upper part where the anchors are placed, in turn locked during the machining cycle. The air gap between brake and anchor is ensured by ground mechanical stops.

Machine cycle

Set the active programme from the terminal, the programme data is processed and sent to the PLC. The start command activates the cycle and the brake to be run is set to rotate at the set speed. When the cycle is running, the brake is released and reapplied according to the set OFF and ON times: The cycle ends when the number of cycles set by the program is reached, both for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.

Run-in machine

Machine suitable for electric motor manufacturers. The fully assembled motor requires a series of consecutive braking cycles to get the brake surfaces aligned. The machine allows the correct alignment of the motor to the brake. The machine allows a wide range of motor sizes to be run-in with minimal tooling. The machine allows the brake torque obtained to be checked.


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