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Our Know-How

Production of samples and pilot series

A 30-year history has allowed us to touch numerous rotors and to become familiar with the application and bonding of magnets. These skills are at the service of our customers, especially in prototyping and pilot series, to facilitate the transition from ‘design on paper’ to ‘automated production’.

Permanent magnet rotor assembly machines

We have experience with the main magnetic materials, adhesives and types of rotors, whether IPM, SPM or special. We work with both not-magnetised and already magnetised magnets and can implement magnetisers, ovens and end-of-cycle quality control in our machines.

Rotor beading machines

We have developed a range of machines for the application of banding ranging from the simplest products, where the presence of an operator is necessary, to fully automatic, labour-free lines. The result is a bandage that is always optimal, produced quickly and cost-effectively.


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