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Partner of leading companies in the production of electric motors

Over the years we have developed and perfected equipment for the various production stages of electric motors. This equipment allows greater reliability and control during motor assembly. We design equipment to meet the specific needs of the industry.

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Our team of experts is ready to provide advice and support to ensure that the equipment is used optimally and that the specific needs of our customers are met.

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Stator encapsulation resin form

The equipment is designed to contain the resin used to encapsulate the stators. Fox-Mecc designs and builds this equipment to the specific shape required by the customer, our design allows for a wide range of solutions and shapes.
In the field of electric motors, resin moulding tools are used to mould and give a specific structure to the resin parts that are applied or poured during the resin phase. These fixtures play a key role in determining the geometry and characteristics of the applied resin, ensuring that the resin does not leak and that it is confined within the stator so that a low air gap can be maintained and consequently better efficiency
The precision and adaptability of the resin moulding tools are crucial to achieving consistent, high-quality results in the production and maintenance process of electric motors.
The resin-forming tooling enables stator preparation and processing times to be considerably reduced.

Engine Mounting Equipment

The assembly phase of brushless motors is made difficult by the magnetic force exerted by the rotor.
Fox-Mecc has designed and built a range of equipment to facilitate assembly and to safeguard the integrity of its components, particularly the bearings.
The equipment allows the components that make up the engine to be correctly aligned and safely assembled.

IP Testing

The IP test on electric motors refers to a tightness test that assesses the degree of protection provided by an electric motor against the penetration of solids and liquids.
This test provides crucial information on the engine’s ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions, helping to ensure reliability and durability in various operating contexts.
Fox-Mecc designs and builds standard and customised equipment for the purpose of testing this parameter.

Concentricity and squareness check

This equipment is designed to easily and safely measure the concentricity and squareness of the motor shaft axis in relation to the motor flange. The equipment is quickly mounted on the motor shaft with the use of a threaded bushing; using the dial gauges in the equipment, the dimensions can be displayed.

Lifting systems

Fox Mecc designs systems for lifting and engine handling.
Ideal for lifting by hand and with overhead cranes, and manipulators
Quick, safe and easy to use.
Lightweight and ergonomic for handling.
Tested to CE standards.
Complete with Operation and Maintenance Manual, Spare Parts List and Declaration of Conformity to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

GAP Brake Control

This equipment is designed to check the air gap between the anchor and the motor brake coil before it is installed in the motor.
It allows the correct function of the brake to be tested before the motor is fully assembled, which saves time during assembly.

Floating Roller Peel Test Equipment

Equipment suitable for installation on industrial test systems. It allows the peel strength of the sample to be measured for the evaluation of adhesives used for high-strength bonding between rigid and flexible components.


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