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Radicchio processing machines

Fox-Mecc is attentive to the needs of the territory, which is why it invests resources in research and development to enhance the processing of radicchio. Radicchio requires a lot of care during processing to ensure a top quality product, to meet this need Fox-Mecc has developed a series of dedicated machines.

Radicchio harvesting machine

This trailed machine is suitable for harvesting PGI Treviso radicchio, as well as a wide range of vegetables: variegated radicchio from Castelfranco, radicchio from Chioggia, radicchio from Verona, sugar loaf radicchio, pink radicchio from Gorizia, green radicchio, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, fennel. It can take up to 7 people on board to prepare the harvest into a semi-finished product. The semi-finished product is then conveyed by means of a conveyor belt into boxes that the machine itself transports. The machine is hitched to the tractor’s lift arms and requires a hydraulic three-point hitch. Wheels with large tyres provide the best ground support even in very wet conditions.

When working, the machine can reach 1.8 km/h, approximately one hectare every eleven hours.

Radicchio grooming machine

The machine is designed to automatically groom radicchio di Treviso IGP.

The machine eliminates stress on the outer leaves during the processing phase, this allows the best possible preservation of the edible part of the radicchio, ensuring repeatable processing. The automatic grooming machine eliminates the risk factors of heavy labour by performing a repetitive action automatically and quickly. The machine is easy to use, even by inexperienced personnel.

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions: 700 x 900 x 2030 mm
Voltage: 220 Volt
Compressed air system: 6 bar
Cycle time: 9 sec
Average head weight: from 0.2 to 0.25 Kg
Average hourly output: from 80 to 100 kg/hour


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