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Inductionmag – Magnetic induction heating

Designed specifically to heat the aluminium casings of electric motors, this system is based on the induction of electric current through the use of permanent magnets, a methodology that differs significantly from traditional heating processes.

Inductionmag – information details

INDUCTIONMAG is an innovative system based on a new concept in electro-thermal technology designed for heating aluminium housings of electric motors. The housings are heated by inducing an electric current through a system of permanent magnets.

INDUCTIONMAG application scheme

INDUCTIONMAG application scheme

Currently, to perform the insertion of the stator the housing is heated either by a gas furnace or by electric induction. Electric induction heating has the advantage of having better temperature control than gas furnaces, but has the disadvantage of having very low efficiency when applied to metals with high electrical conductivity, such as copper, aluminium, etc. In the housing of aluminium, the efficiency is less than 50%. The magnetic induction heating system allows the housing to be heated quickly, with an efficiency on aluminium of 90% and with excellent temperature control.

INDUCTIONMAG transforms mechanical energy into thermal energy through eddy currents induced by the magnetic induction produced by the magnetic system.

INDUCTIONMAG makes it possible to achieve high efficiencies that depend mainly on the control efficiency of the magnetic system.

Stator insertion island in automated housing

What are the advantages over gas ovens?

INDUCTIONMAG allows more precise temperature control, takes up less space, heats up faster, and is much more efficient. Conventional gas ovens have an average efficiency of 23%. Whereas INDUCTIONMAG has an efficiency of 90%. It does not require smoke evacuation systems, and does not need safety systems inherent in the use of gas.

What are the advantages over traditional electrical inductors?

On aluminium INDUCTIONMAG has 40% higher efficiency than conventional electrical inductors. It does not require a cooling system. INDUCTIONMAG has very reliable components, which allows for low maintenance.


Heating a 1kg aluminium crate from 20°C to 250°C

Efficiency on aluminium

Inductionmag 90%

Classical induction 50%

Gas oven 23%

Energy required to heat a 1 kg crate

0,23 MJ 0,07 KWh

Classical induction
0,42 MJ  0,12 KWh

Gas oven consumption
0,9 MJ    0,03 m³ Gas + 0,04KWh

Energy saving

INDUCTIONMAG vs Classical Induction
INDUCTIONMAG vs. gas oven

Saving CO2 emissions

INDUCTIONMAG vs Classical Induction
INDUCTIONMAG vs. gas oven


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