Magnetic induction heating machine: a green choice for energy saving.

Magnetic induction heating machine: a green choice for energy saving.

Discover Inductionmag: designed to heat the aluminium cases of electric motors.

In the era of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, Fox Mecc S.r.l. emerges as an innovative leader with INDUCTIONMAG, a magnetic induction heating technology that marks a turning point in the industry. This system, developed for the aluminium housings of electric motors, not only improves energy efficiency, but also brings significant benefits in terms of sustainability and reliability.

Aluminium case heating system of electric motors:

INDUCTIONMAG utilises an advanced technique of electric current induction via permanent magnets, an innovative approach compared to traditional heating methods. This process ensures more efficient heating, which is essential for industrial applications, particularly in the assembly of electric motors.
The system thus ensures efficiency and speed.

For companies involved in electric motor construction, INDUCTIONMAG represents a breakthrough. Energy efficiency of up to 90 per cent in aluminium heating results in a significant reduction in operating costs and a lower environmental impact. This system also offers greater safety and convenience by eliminating the need for smoke evacuation and additional safety systems required for gas furnaces.

Inductionmag: why it is better than gas ovens:

Compared to gas ovens, INDUCTIONMAG stands out for several key factors. Its superior energy efficiency reduces operating costs and lowers environmental impact. In addition, the INDUCTIONMAG heats materials faster and in a more controlled manner, resulting in greater production efficiency. These advantages, combined with the absence of the need for fume evacuation and gas safety systems, make the INDUCTIONMAG a safer and more sustainable choice for industry.

Inductionmag vs. traditional electric inductors:

Compared to conventional electric inductors, INDUCTIONMAG offers up to 40% higher efficiency when it comes to heating aluminium. This system does not require a cooling system, further reducing installation costs and complexity. The reliable component and low maintenance requirements make the INDUCTIONMAG an excellent choice for long-lasting industrial applications.

Request information and design your own automation solution for your production system:

To learn more about how INDUCTIONMAG can transform your production process and move your company towards greater energy efficiency and sustainability, contact Fox Mecc S.r.l. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with all the necessary information and assist you in designing an automation solution tailored to your specific needs.

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