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Patented radicchio grooming machine

Fox Mecc's commitment to the land and agricultural production

In today's agricultural world, innovation and efficiency are essential to guarantee superior quality products. Fox Mecc S.r.l., a leading company in the design and manufacture of automated systems, has understood this need and has directed its resources towards the creation of state-of-the-art solutions. In this context, our patented radicchio grooming machine emerges, a jewel of technology and engineering.

The Need for a Radicchio Processing Machine

Radicchio, in particular the prestigious Radicchio di Treviso PGI, requires special attention during its processing. To ensure an excellent end product, every step in the process must be handled with care. That is why our radicchio grooming machine represents a revolution: it guarantees gentle but effective processing, preserving product quality.

Fox Mecc's innovation: Automatic Radicchio Cleaning System

Our machine is not only an example of engineering excellence, but also of innovation in the field of automation. Equipped with an automatic radicchio cleaning system, it eliminates stress on the outer leaves during processing. This means that the edible part of the radicchio is preserved in the best possible way, ensuring consistent quality and repeatable processing.

Technical Specifications

Fox Mecc's radicchio grooming machine is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even by inexperienced personnel. With a width of 700 mm, a depth of 900 mm, and a height of 2030 mm, it is perfectly suited to different working environments. It operates with a voltage of 220 volts and a compressed air supply of 6 bar. In addition, the cycle time is only 9 seconds, with an average hourly output of between 80 and 100 kg, handling average heads weighing between 0.2 and 0.25 kg.

Fox Mecc's Commitment to Territory and Sustainability

Innovation is not the only pillar on which our company is founded. Fox Mecc is strongly committed to enhancing the territory and its resources, dedicating significant resources to research and development. Our radicchio processing machine is a concrete example of this commitment, combining state-of-the-art technology with a deep respect for the local agricultural tradition. Fox Mecc's radicchio grooming machine represents a significant step forward in the field of automated agricultural processing. With its ability to preserve product quality, ease of use and outstanding performance, this machine is the ideal solution for those seeking efficiency and innovation while respecting the land and sustainability. Fox Mecc continues to be the trusted partner for those who wish to excel in the agricultural sector, bringing automation systems and mechanical construction to the service of quality agriculture.

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